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School Supplies 2021-2022

School Supplies 2021-2022

School Supplies for 2021-2022 school year are included in the resource fee.

2020-2021 TCS Uniform Policies and Guidelines

2020-2021 TCS Uniform Policies and Guidelines

TCS Uniform Dress Code Policies


Because our students are representatives of TCS, our commitment to excellence includes a concern for their outward appearance. The purpose of the TCS uniform dress code is to reflect our uniqueness as a Christian school, to dignify our school in an exemplary manner before others, and to set forth a balanced standard for the benefit of TCS families.


Uniform Dress Code Rationale


A neat, attractive appearance among students helps to identify and distinguish any school. Educational research shows a correlation between student dress and demeanor. As a result, many of the nation’s public schools are beginning to follow the lead of private, Christian schools by implementing dress codes and uniform policies into their own instructional programs.


Uniform Dress Code Support


The TCS Board of Trustees, the administration, the faculty, and TCS parents have all indicated their support and appreciation for the TCS uniform dress code. To ensure that the uniform dress code functions successfully, all constituents of the school need to work together to support it. For this reason, we expect the full cooperation and assistance of all TCS parents and students regarding the stated policies of the uniform dress code. Please make every effort to cooperate and to support Texoma Christian School in the implementation of its uniform dress code.


All parents should ensure that their children understand and comply properly with the TCS dress code and uniform policy. Parents should check their children daily before they leave home for school. Before purchasing any article of clothing for their children, parents should give careful attention to these guidelines. By working together in a common partnership, we can all help our student body to observe the TCS dress code successfully and to help each student avoid violations.


Uniform Dress Code Guidelines


TCS Pre-school and Gift Year students do not wear uniforms. Parents of such students should dress their children in comfortable clothing suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The child should be able to manage his or her own clothing without assistance. Children should wear tennis shoes or sneakers with backs (i.e., with some form of built-in heel support).


Through its uniform policies, Texoma Christian School seeks to instill in all students a sense of order, neatness, modesty, and pride as well as the intent to honor and glorify God by their outward appearance. The TCS student uniform is properly worn when it draws no undue attention to the one who wears it. In general, the uniform consists of products marketed officially by Land’s End. This company produces high quality garments that last, and Land’s End reimburses TCS 3% annually for all uniform purchases made. Please note: All TCS uniform skirts, skorts, and girls cropped pants (i.e., girls Capri pants) must now be purchased from Land’s End. All pants and shorts must be purchased from Land’s End or from retailers who sell virtually identical products. Their catalogs are available in the school office. Uniform-type red, black, or white polo shirts may be purchased from any local retailer (i.e., Dillard’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy etc.).


Please be advised that the following guidelines govern the way students are to wear their school uniforms for the upcoming school year:

1. Students may wear only approved uniform clothing to school. Students who wear anything other than approved clothing may be sent home to change into a proper school uniform and will receive a uniform violation. All time missed from class for uniform violations will be unexcused.


2. Mondays through Thursdays are specifically designated as school uniform days. On those days, school uniforms must be worn properly. Any student who violates the uniform dress code in any way (including shirttails not tucked in) or receives a uniform violation for any reason will automatically forfeit the privilege of wearing jeans and a TCS T-shirt on Friday and must dress in the school uniform that day. Such students will report to the teacher that issued the violation during class on Friday. Repeated uniform violations will also result in assigned early morning or afternoon detention.


3. All clothing must fit appropriately. Neither the uniform nor any of its components may appear saggy, baggy, too tight, or too loose. Shorts, pants and skorts must be worn at the waist.


4. All uniform clothing must be clean and in good condition; clothing should have no exposed tears, cuts, rips, splits, hanging threads, or shreds. Dirty, unkempt, and untidy dress is a uniform violation. Fashion damaged clothing (especially jeans) will not be considered in good condition.


5. Logos: All uniform-type polo-shirts (i.e., red, white, or black) are required to have a school logo (sewn-on patch or embroidery, located on the upper left chest). In addition, high school students (i.e., grades 9-12) may wear the school’s initials (i.e., CTS ) embroidered on their polo shirts in lieu of a sewn-on or embroidered logo or patch. School logos or TCS initials may not be attached temporarily, pinned on, or merely stuck on with Velcro.


6. Red Polo: All students must have at least one red polo-type, uniform shirt displaying a sewn-on school logo (either patch or embroidery, located on the upper left chest) for field trips and special days.


7. Pants: For both boys and girls—all pants (other than girl’s cropped pants) must be the same style as Dockers and purchased from Land’s End or from retailers who sell virtually identical products. Uniform pants may be khaki or black in color, smooth fabric, plain or pleated. Khaki is not white, cream, wheat, or off white in color. Pants may not be styled like ordinary jeans. Students may not wear cargo pants of any color or any kind of pants with side pockets or thigh pockets. Dickies® brand shorts are permitted as long as the tags are removed. Straight style pants are acceptable, but not the slim style (skinnies) that are tight around the ankles. Yoga pants and leggings made out of nylon, polyester, spandex are not acceptable under any circumstances. (see page 5 for details).


8. Jeans: Blue jeans, denim shorts, or denim skirts may be worn on Fridays. They must be clean, neat, well-fitting blue denim designed in typical jeans fashion. Jeans may not be frayed, ruffled, torn, split, tattered, dirty, baggy or saggy. Skinny jeans that fit tightly around the ankles are not acceptable, but straight style jeans may be worn. Jeans may not have side or thigh pockets. They may not be cargo pants. They must be worn at the waist, and they may not hang down on or below the hips. (see page 6 for details)


9. Skirts/Skorts: Girls may wear approved skirts or skorts. If girls wear skirts, they must be Land’s End plaid, black or khaki, and they may be boxed or pleated. Skorts must be khaki or black. Skirts and skorts may not be ruffled, split, slit, or fringed. Jumper, skirt and skort lengths should not be shorter than 2-3 inches from the floor when kneeling.


10. Jumpers: Elementary girls may wear TCS plaid, khaki, or solid red jumpers that are approved by Land’s End only.


11. Cropped Pants: Girls may wear khaki or black girls cropped pants (i.e., capri pants). No other color is allowed. Girls cropped pants must fit down to below the knee. They must not be jeans or spandex. Girls cropped pants may not be fringed, ruffled, split, slit, or too tight.


12. Shorts: Students may wear black or khaki walking shorts, plain or pleated as purchased from Land’s End, or from retailers with virtually identical products. No other shorts are approved. Students may not wear cargo shorts or shorts with side or thigh pockets. Shorts may not extend beyond the knee, nor may they be baggy, saggy, or bulky. Shorts length should not be shorter than 2-3 inches from the floor when kneeling. Short shorts will not be permitted.


13. Shirt tails: For both boys and girls—shirts must always be tucked (in the classrooms and all class areas, in the library, on the wooden and concrete walkways, in the cafeteria, at chapel, in the parking lot, etc.) This includes shirts worn under sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets.


14. Shoes: Students may wear athletic shoes, black or brown leather shoes or sandals with the uniform. Shoes must be clean and neat and otherwise appropriate. Students may not wear house shoes/slippers, flip-flops, combat or military style boots. Girls in 5th grade or below are prohibited from wearing “high heel” style shoes. Students should not wear shoes which appear to be designed to draw excessive attention to themselves.


15. Boots: Several years ago revisions were made to include black, brown or tan Ugg boots or suede type boots for girls. The boots should not be worn above the knee and should not be distracting in color or style such as fringe, sequin, sparkle, fur, buckles, bows or large tassels. Students may not wear combat or military style boots.


16. Belts: For both boys and girls—all pants must have belt loops, and students in grades 3 to 12 must wear a belt, preferably leather. Belts must be flat or woven leather belts with basic buckles. Belts should not be overly distracting or flashy. Belts are not required for students in kindergarten – 2nd grade.


17. Outerwear: TCS sweatshirts, hoodies and TCS issued letter jackets are acceptable outerwear but should not be worn habitually in the classroom. Only TCS approved hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets will be allowed to be worn on campus. Solid color and name brand hoodies and sweatshirts such as American Eagle or Nike, or college or team sport favorites are not acceptable. Heavy coats (non-TCS) should only be worn outside and for the purpose of protecting the student from rain, snow or freezing temperatures.


18. Turtlenecks: All red, white, or black turtleneck shirts that are visible from the waist up must display a TCS logo (sewn-on patch or embroidery, located on the upper left chest). If red, white, or black turtleneck shirts are worn under a TCS shirt or a sweatshirt, they do not need to display the school logo.


19. SweatersOnly plain solid white, black, and red sweaters may be worn with uniforms ordered through Land’s End (or exactly like the approved styles) and are not required to have the TCS logo on them.


20. Leggings and Tights: White or black solid color (no lace) leggings and tights are acceptable to wear under the uniform skirts or skorts or denim skirts on Fridays. Wearing leggings or tights will not change the length of the skirts. Jumper, skirt and skort lengths should not be shorter than 2-3 inches from the floor when kneelingTights, including sports compression tights, are not approved for boys, unless worn under long pants, and can only be worn during athletics subject to athletic department approval.


21. Socks: socks should be solid school colors—white, red, or black. Socks should not be worn above the knee.


22. In any and all cases of doubt or question, the school administration reserves the right to determine if a student is in violation of the uniform policy. Accessories or items in question should compliment the uniform and not distract or draw attention to the student’s appearance.


Note: Additional guidelines may be set forth during the school year as deemed appropriate.


Additional Student Appearance Standards:


Although facemasks are not required, if you choose for your child to wear one at school, we request that the reusable masks are solid colors and should be black, red, gray or white. They can have the school logo or student initials, but no other designs. There are some masks listed on the Land’s End approved list. Disposable masks are acceptable and only solid colors (usually white, blue or yellow) can be worn.


Hair should always be clean and neatly groomed. Boys’ hair may not be colored or dyed. Girls’ hair should be natural in color, including highlights. Boys’ hair should be kept so that it is out of the eyes, off the collar, and above the ear lobe. Boys’ sideburns should be no longer than the bottom of the ear lobe.


Parents should ensure that their children’s hairstyles are not distracting and do not interfere with the learning environment. Unusual hairstyles (Mohawks, logos, manes, carvings, etc.) are prohibited. Feathers and colored streaks worn in hair are also not acceptable.


Girls may wear nylon stretch fabric headbands that are solid red, black, white or grey only.


TCS students are not allowed to display visibly any tattoos or body piercings. TCS boys may not wear earrings at any time while on the TCS campus or during any school-related event. TCS girls may wear no more than two earrings per ear. No student may have any visible piercings other than earlobes for girls. Girls may wear earrings as long as the earrings are not distracting, outlandish, or dangerous. No other piercings are allowed. Any jewelry and other adornment that is distracting to others or presents the possibility of a safety concern to anyone will not be permitted. Boys may not wear beards, goatees, or mustaches; they must be clean shaven. Neck chains worn by boys should be simple in design. Boys may not wear heavy chains or use wallets/key rings with heavy chains. Dangly, spiked, or oversized jewelry will not be allowed. Any type of wristband or bracelet or other jewelry with inappropriate, suggestive or offensive messages are not acceptable.


Hats, caps, and sunglasses are not to be worn in the buildings or on the boardwalks.


Important Clarification for Pants and Jeans:


We are asking parents and students to please help us by using good judgment about the pants and jeans worn to school. Yoga pants and leggings made out of nylon, polyester, spandex are not acceptable under any circumstances. Extremely tight fitting pants and jeans from waist to ankle are also not acceptable. We hope to find a balance so that allowances can be made to make the uniform more “stylish” without becoming a distraction or inappropriate.




Logos and Embroidery Assistance

Patches may be purchased for $1.00 each at the front office to be sewn on required uniform items. Parents may also obtain sewing and embroidery assistance for school logos and uniforms at the following location:



Germaine Designs Embroidery

211 South Burnett Avenue

Denison, Texas 75020

Phone: 903-465-5590


Risk Shoe Store

102 South Crockett


Phone: 903-892-22


Mac’s Shirts and More

213 East Lamar

Sherman, TX 75090

Phone: 903-271-6071

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