Parent Teacher Fellowship

Parent/Teacher Fellowship

Parent/Teacher Fellowship

TCS encourages parents to participate in the Parent/Teacher Fellowship (PTF). Parent volunteers are vitally important for the accomplishment of the school’s mission. Each year parents are given the opportunity to join PTF.  A donation of $5 per child is requested to assist PTF with their projects.


PTF serves the purpose to strengthen and enhance all the programs offered by TCS. Many of the extra events would not be possible without the assistance of parent helpers. Each year’s plans and activities are announced at the beginning of the school year at the annual Meet and Greet. Parents are invited to become as involved as their schedules allow.

Schedule of Events



12/8/23 WAHOO Wagon and Birthday Cookies

12/13/23 All School Snack Cart

10:45-12:45 (1st-12th Grades during lunch)

2:00-2:30  (PreK4 & Kinder at classrooms)

12/18/23  Teacher Christmas Luncheon at Noon


1/10/24 Caps for Cash-Wear a hat for $1

1/12/24 WOOHOO Wagon and Birthday Cookies

1/25/24 PreK Snack Cart

1/26/24 Big Kid Snack Cart


2/1/24 Panda Express Spirit Day (Town Center) 10:30am-10:00pm

2/9/24 WOOHOO Wagon and Birthday Cookies

2/22/24 Pre k Snack Cart

2/23/24 Big Kid Snack Cart

If you would like to Volunteer for Events please sign up here!

The Eagles Nest is now online!

Eagles nest website

Eagles Nest Hours

Snack Cart Punch Cards- Available in the office for $10

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