TCS Productions/Theatre

TCS Productions

TCS Productions is one of our Fine Arts Elective  programs offering any student interested in the performing arts an opportunity to plan, shoot and edit professional digital content for web, TV and film in a highly collaborative, hands-on learning environment.


Students will build  all aspects of the stage and video production, gaining an enormous amount of hands-on experience, and creating original work of their own.


 What Will You Learn?

  • The craft of playwriting and developing a writing style appropriate to the stage
  • How to develop site-specific theatre based on your research of the most effective methods and trends
  • How to direct plays
  • The integration of faith and art in theatre
  • Stage design and management


 What else do you do?

  • Perform skits
  • Work on Narrative Video Assignments
  • Outside  Performance experience
  • Assist with Local Church Live Nativity performances
  • TAPPS Short film competitions