Playing College Sports

Athletics and College Scholarships


Want to play sports in college?  You have lots of options.  Students interested in playing college sports need to consider your options early.  It is the responsibility of the student and family to complete the necessary steps to be considered for college sports.  See below resources for the important information you will have to attend to.


NCAA – The National Collegiate Athletic Association


The NCAA has three membership divisions:


Division I is the biggest and most competitive NCAA division. Colleges that compete in Division I must offer scholarships, many of them full, to their student-athletes and will expect a rigorous commitment from their athletes.


Division II athletic programs are smaller and less competitive than those in Division I.  Most student-athletes don’t get full-ride scholarships, but many do get some financial aid for playing.


Division III programs are the least competitive and colleges do not offer sports-related financial aid. Still, these schools recruit athletes, and being one can help you get into a college that wants you in its program.


If you are planning to participate in NCAA programs, YOU MUST BE CERFIFIED by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.  It is your responsibility to make sure the Clearinghouse has the documents it needs to certify you.  Register online and pay the fee by going to


NAIA – The Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


The NAIA is another governing body for college athletics and scholarships, typically for smaller liberal arts colleges.  For participation instructions and member schools go to


NJCAA – The National Junior College Athletic Association


The NJCAA is the governing body of intercollegiate athletics for two-year colleges.  For more info:


Helpful Resources and Info on the steps to take –


Athlete Show Case Website –

On this website you can create a profile with your personal stats and videos for college coaches to preview.

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