Eagle College Academy

Program Description

Texoma Christian School provides an accelerated path for students who are passionate about excelling academically and completing dual credit and concurrent courses during high school.

This program has been developed in partnership with Grayson College to offer our high school students the opportunity to maximize their high school years to complete additional college coursework before high school graduation.

Students who enroll in this program can work toward earning the distinction of an associate degree or earning hours toward the Texas Core College Curriculum when they graduate from TCS.


How does this program work?

Highly motivated high school students will need to complete both dual credit and concurrent credit college hours to move toward their goal of obtaining an Associate of Science degree in General Studies (60 hrs) or Texas Core Curriculum hours (42 hrs) by graduation. While some of these hours (24-30 hours) can be completed as dual credit, students will also need to plan to complete many of these college hours outside of the school day and during the summer, as concurrent college credit.


What is the Texas College Core Curriculum?

The Texas Core Curriculum is a 42 Semester Credit Hour of core coursework. This coursework is designed for all undergraduate students in Texas public higher education and will allow students to transfer the entire set of completed courses to another public Texas higher education institution without having to repeat any core courses.


Qualifications, Eligibility and Enrollment

Students who are highly motivated, self-disciplined, and high achievers would be good candidates for this rigorous and challenging program.

· Overall GPA of 85 or higher

· Two teacher recommendations

· Parental approval

· Complete college enrollment steps as designated by Grayson College and outlined herein.


What is Concurrent College Coursework?

These courses provide college credit ONLY and are NOT included on the high school transcript. This coursework is designed to help students who are working toward a college associate degree and/or fulfilling additional Texas College Core coursework while in high school.

· Freshmen coursework has been selected by Grayson College as TSI testing exempt.

· Enrollment for concurrent courses must be completed through the high school counselor.

· These courses must not interfere with the TCS schedule of classes.

· Students must enroll in 16-week courses (rather than 8-week) during the school year when available.

Summer Concurrent College Coursework

Summer is a great time to complete additional concurrent college credit hours. To do so, students must work with the high school counselor to choose and enroll in these courses during the summer. Approved dual-credit coursework must be completed during the academic school year.


What is Dual Credit College Coursework?

Dual credit courses are a specific set of courses approved by each high school to provide both high school and college credit; THUS, are included on the high school transcript. TCS students will have the opportunity to earn 24 to 30 dual credit hours during the natural sequence of their junior and senior years.


Dual Credit Coursework Guidelines:

· Courses must be chosen from the approved dual credit list provided by your high school.

· Students enrolled in the TCS College Elective Class period may utilize college coursework to fulfill high school elective credits (.5 credits per high school semester and a maximum of 2-3 depending on degree plan). In this case, this credit is awarded as “dual credit”.

· Dual credit courses must be completed during the school year in sequence with coursework as outlined on the TCS four-year graduation plan.

· Students must earn a “C” or above to earn high school credit for graduation.

· Students must earn a “B” or above to receive an “advanced measure” toward the Distinguished Scholar graduation plan.


Dual Credit Tuition & Fee Exemptions (up to 9 hours per semester)

Students may be eligible for tuition and fee exemptions, or reduction based on family income. To check your eligibility, follow this link: https://www.fns.usda.gov/cn/income-eligibility-guidelines


College Enrollment Process – To enroll, students must:

1) Meet with your high school counselor to complete course enrollment 2) Complete a Grayson College admissions application at www.grayson.edu.

3) Obtain acceptable college entrance test scores by July 1 prior to sophomore year such as the TSI Assessment, SAT, or ACT. A specific set of freshmen year courses are TSI testing exempt.

4) Students with documented learning differences may receive accommodations, see info at https://www.grayson.edu/gettingstarted/advising/Students%20with%20Disabilities.html

5) Pay the Grayson College course tuition; purchase textbooks; and class materials. See above, tuition and fee exemptions or reductions for DUAL credit courses only; based on family income.


Please be Advised

The courses and degree plans are subject to change as our program is dependent on Grayson College’s schedule and course offerings each semester.

Although our school counselor advises TCS students on college admissions and high school degree plans, the counselor is not an official advisor for Grayson College.


Student Responsibility – Students and Parents Must READ and Initial Each Responsibility below:

Student Parent

It is the student’s responsibility to talk with and obtain recommendations from two of your teachers to enter this rigorous program of study.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the school counselor each semester for enrollment.

It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their General Studies associate degree plan to ensure they remain on track for the General Studies associate degree plan. Therefore, students must confer with their Grayson College advisor each semester for this purpose.

It is the student’s responsibility and is essential that students read their Grayson College email communications regularly. This will include feedback from their professors as well as payment information.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult with advisors at the four-year college where they plan to transfer this coursework to ensure transferability.

It is the student’s responsibility to prepare, register, and pay for the TSI assessment that is required to continue on the AS trek after the TSI-exempt courses are completed.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for Grayson graduation ceremonies.

Students and parents are required to attend an Early College orientation meeting with the school counselor.


My signature confirms that I have read and accepted my responsibilities in seeking to obtain an Associate of Science degree from Grayson College during high school.


___________________________________ ____________________________________

Student Signature and Date Parent Signature and Date


For office use only:

Student’s Orientation Attendance Date: Parent’s Orientation Attendance Date:

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Kathy Howard

TCS Guidance Counselor


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