The College Search

College Search Criteria

College admission is a match to be made not a prize to be won.

In looking at colleges consider the following:

Core Values                Location              Size; Stud/Prof Ratio       Entrance requirements/Academic fit

Cost                             Facilities             Available Majors                Academic and Personal Support Services



General College Search

  • Search engines and
  • Visit college websites; a quick and comprehensive way to get current information on most schools as well as contact admissions personnel.
  • Visit campuses, take campus tours, sit in on a class, talk to students, spend the night in a dorm, check out campus life & extra-curricular activities.
  • Research entrance requirements for the schools of interest.
  • Make the personal “good fit” a priority.
  • If you happen to know majors that interest you, find out how many of their graduates in those areas are accepted into grad schools i.e. law or med schools.
  • Don’t automatically discount the more expensive schools, they generally provide much more scholarship money.



Texas Schools



Christian College Information


Christian College Locator

This site provides FREE Christian college information service as well as a $2,500 Christian college scholarship drawing.  The following Link takes you to several excellent articles about the College Search from a Christian point of view.

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Special Constituency Sites



Landmark College:  for students with Learning Differences

All the programs are designed to enable students to identify their learning strengths and differences, to learn specific strategies to be successful in formal academic settings, and to give participants the opportunity to make significant changes in an intentional and supportive academic community.



Becan College for students with Learning Differences

The Right College makes all the difference when you are a student who struggles with an LD, ADHD, or other learning difference. With our focus on career-oriented coursework, work experience, and the tools for academic success, students who learn differently succeed at Beacon.

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