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Regina Robinson

Early Education Administrator

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Texoma Christian School's "Little Eagles"

 Early Education Program Information

Texoma Christian School is excited to present our Early Childhood Program. Our program is accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International whose standards meet or exceed the state's minimum standards. As a result of this accreditation, we are exempt from licensing by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Service. The faculty and staff at TCS continue striving to improve the program through both on-going self monitoring, as well as continued monitoring and evaluation by ACSI.  This enables us to ensure that we stay in compliance with accreditation policies and standards.  Our early education program offers a variety of different classes from which to choose.




Early Education 3 and Early Education 4 -- Children must be three years old for Early Ed 3 and four years old for Early Ed 4 by September 1st of the year they are entering. All children entering early ed must be potty trained.

Gift Year -- Children must be 5 years old by September 1st and must have the recommendation of the Early Education Administrator. 

Kindergarten -- Children must be 5 years old by September 1st and must have the recommendation of the Early Education Administrator and the Testing Coordinator. 



For parents who are interested in a 3 day a week program, their child will be provided a Christ-centered experience that is stimulating and enriching, nurtured in a secure and loving environment in a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday class.   Music and Library are not included.


Early Education 3                 8:30-11:30

Early Education 4                 8:30-11:30



For parents who are interested in a weekly program, we offer a Monday through Friday class.  This 5 day program provides their child  with a Christ-centered experience that is stimulating and enriching, nurtured in a secure and loving environment.  Music and Library are included.


Early Education 3                 8:30-11:30

Early Education 4                 8:30-11:30


Our three year old program focuses on helping the children develop an excitement for learning by providing age appropriate, hands-on activities that introduce them to recognizing letters and numbers, developing fine and gross motor skills, working to become more independent, improving social skills and most importantly understanding how God loves them.

Our four year old program concentrates on reinforcing and enriching the skills learned the previous year.  We foucs on improving necessary skills to prepare them for Kindergarten such as increasing their attention span, social skills and the ability to begin solving problems.  It is during this time that the chidlren begin to understand that God made them special, which is taught through the scripture memorization of Psalm 139.




Our Gift Year program is designed for children who have completed a four-year-old program but are not yet developmentally ready for Kindergarten.  The program serves as a way of offering children a gift of time to become better prepared for a formal educational setting.  Gift Year will be a time for children to grow and mature developmentally, while allowing them to continue their academic growth.  Since most of these students have completed an Early Ed program, they will start the year with a focus on letters as well as letter sounds.  The students will be provided opportunities to develop their wirting ability through Language Arts activities and numerous fine motor activities, which will include tracing and pre-writing practice.  Math activities will review numbers 1-20 and one to one correspondence.  The concepts of adding and subtracting will be re-enforced.  The students will discover the world that God created and how he wants them to take care of it. Class size is kept low, usually 14 to 16.  Library, Spanish, and Music are included.


Monday-Friday       8:30-11:30


Our extended care is a program for parents whose children need a full day program.  Their time in extended care will be less academic but still structured.  We will have various activities for the students to participate in and a snack.              


Drop off as early as 7:30 a.m., pickup by 5:30 p.m.                             


Each class will have 14-16 students, a full time teacher and a teacher's aid.    We offer a variety of age-appropriate lessons throughout our day, including hands-on activities based on traditional instructor-created curriculum supplemented with external resources. Our early education program revolves around themed units including seasons, holidays, God's world of exciting animals, children around the world, who God is and His love and plan for us. We emphasize letters, their sounds and introduce reading concepts. In addition, we teach number recognition, beginning math and begin studying the world around us through physical science, artwork, exploration, experiences, and experiments. Each class learns a monthly memory verse and participates in a Bible time including praying, singing and a Bible story. We offer healthy snacks and a recess time to encourage physical growth and development. 


"I wanted to take time to say how very grateful my husband and I are for each of you. What a joy it was last night to hear Jay quote almost half of the entire Psalm 139. How fitting a verse to help a child memorize .. to drive home the point that God knows and loves each of them intimately."

"Thank you for supplying me with yet again more memories to treasure in my heart! God's word says it best .... "From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise!" Psalm 8:2 
"Oh to have the faith of a child!"

In Christ,


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