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Hot Lunch Information


Welcome to the TCS Kitchen! My name is Rusty Robinson and this is my classroom. I prayerfully try to create a comfortable environment where Peace and Favor are present.

Each month I will provide a hot lunch menu option for Early Ed 3 through 12th grade students.  The menu will be available on the TCS website and also emailed to you.

Once a student reaches the 3rd grade, they are able to order a combination of soup, salad or baked potato in addition to the hot lunch option. 

Students in 6th-12th grades may choose the hot lunch item or from the Pic 2 menu.

You may log into Renweb at any time to check your students lunch balance.  The best way to pay for lunches is via Renweb. To pay via Renweb, log into your account, choose the Family Information Menu, Choose Family Billing and click the Pay Now button.  Add money next to the Lunch category and submit your payment.  If you send a check to the school, please make it payable to Rusty Robinson. I prefer you pay your student’s lunch bill via Renweb.  Please do not send cash.


Lunch Prices:


Early Ed-5th grade and Faculty/Staff:

Hot Lunch $3.50

Pizza Hot Lunch $4.25

Friday Snack Bar $4.25


6th-12th Grade:

Hot Lunch $4.00

Pizza Hot Lunch $4.25

Friday Snack Bar: $4.75


Pic 2 Prices (for 6th-12th grades and faculty/staff only):

Enchilada Dinner (cheese or chicken), comes with 2 sides $4.25

Enchiladas Only (2) $3.00

Plain Baked Potato $3.00

Build Your Own Baked Potato $4.00

Fish Only $3.00

Fish and Chips $4.25

French Fries $2.50

Grilled Cheese $2.00

Ham and Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Pocket $2.25

Build Your Own Oriental Bowl $3.00

Quesadilla (cheese or chicken) $2.50

Quinoa $3.00

Bowl of Rice $2.00

Salad Only $2.50

Super Salad $4.25

Bowl of Soup $2.50

Hamburger/Cheeseburger $3.00


Extra Items:

Seconds: from $0.50 to $1.00

Extra Milk: $0.50

Extra Dessert: $0.50


The hot lunch menu option includes entree, dessert and a drink.  Super Snack bar is every Friday and includes: Choice of hamburger, cheeseburger or hot dog and choice of fries or nachos with chili and cheese


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best part of operating the kitchen?    I'm glad you asked! Lunch is probably the most favorite time of day!

What is the best way to pay for lunch?    Via Renweb

Are there Gluten Free Options?  Yes, have your student ask me about these options.

Is your beef 90/10 and grass fed?    Yes!

Do you offer soup and salad bar every day?  These options are offered Monday-Thursday.  Friday is Super Snack Bar Day.

Can I eat with my student?  Yes! Please sign up with your child's teacher if you would like to eat hot lunch.

What is SOD and D&D?  SOD is Soup of the Day and D&D is Drink and Dessert


If you have any questions please call:

Rusty Robinson

School 903-893-7076 ext 214