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Free Application for Federal Student Aid

This free application is required for students to be considered not only for Federal grants and loans but also for most colleges’ private scholarship funds.  The FAFSA is not available online until January 1 of a student’s senior year. 

Gather Materials for FAFSA           

·        Student social security number

·        2009 Tax information (W-2’s & Income Tax Return) to apply for Fall 2010 aid

·        2008 Tax info to apply for Summer 2010 aid

·        If you have not completed tax info, you can use info from W-2’s or make educated guesses to be verified at a later date.

·        Other Misc. info you will be asked for on the FAFSA:

§         Current bank statements: Account Balances for savings and checking

§         Values of investments i.e. certificates of deposit, trust funds, money market funds & mutual funds 


·        Utilize the “FAFSA on the web worksheet”.  Available at the FAFSA website; this form will help you prepare for the questions on the web FAFSA. 

·        Results will come in approximately 2 weeks via email if you submit online and approx. 6 weeks if submitting the paper version.

·        Submitting to colleges of choice:  You may submit your FAFSA to 4 colleges. 

·        At you may begin your FAFSA and save it and go back to it from time to time until it is complete and ready to submit.  It is FREE to submit your FAFSA.

·        Selective Service – Men must register within 30 days of their 18th birthday at  Failure to do so will jeopardize eligibility for Federal Student Aid.