Early College Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent College Courses

Concurrent college coursework provides college credit only and does not provide high school credit.  They provide a way for motivated students with a good deal of personal initiative a way to earn additional college credit while in high school. 

Dual credit coursework provides both credit toward high school graduation requirements and college credit. Students at TCS will have the opportunity to earn 12-18 hours of college credit through our dual credit courses offered senior year.

Students interested in concurrent college coursework must:

  1. Meet with the high school counselor to obtain the initial permission-enrollment form and review approved courses.
  2. Complete a Grayson College application (www.grayson.edu)
  3. Obtain acceptable college entrance test scores (ACT, SAT, or TSI)
  4. Show proof of meningitis vaccination or approved waiver (does not apply to online classes)
  5. Bring a copy of your test scores and signed permission-enrollment form to your high school counselor.

TCS requirements and recommendations on choosing concurrent courses:

  1. Concurrent courses must not interfere with the TCS schedule of classes
  2. Concurrent courses will not count for credit toward graduation requirements and therefore, must not include approved TCS dual credit course work. (English, US Government, Macro Economics and most college Math courses)
  3. Prior to meeting with the high school counselor, it is helpful for the student to research the core course requirements for their college(s) of interest to compare with the Texas Core shared below.  This will help guide us toward course choices that will maximize their early college transcript. 


Transferability of concurrent and dual credit can vary from college to college for especially for out of state and highly selective colleges.  It is the student's responsibility to check with the colleges of their choice prior to enrolling in concurrent college coursework with regard to transferability.

Overall experience and potential scholarship impact - TCS students have the opportunity to earn up to 18 hours of dual credit senior year (the average college semester = 15 to 18 hours), therefore, you may wish to consider how earning more college credits may impact your overall college experience.  Additional hours may place you as a college sophomore for your first year.  This may impact potential scholarships and other opportunities.  Therefore, it is recommended that you check with the colleges you are interested in prior to enrolling regarding the overall impact to opportunities in general as well as scholarships.

Workload - Currently most concurrent courses during the fall and spring semesters are short, intense 8 week courses.  It is recommended that you consider the workload necessary to be successful while still maintaining your high school course load and activities.  You may prefer to consider summers for concurrent courses when your schedule is lighter.  Remember, you are building a college transcript and you want it to reflect your true abilities.  Also, college GPA's are a major consideration when applying for graduate schools later.

Choosing your concurrent courses:

The Texas Core Curriculum allows students who successfully complete a 42 semester credit hour core curriculum at one Texas institution to transfer the entire set of completed courses to another public Texas higher education institution without having to repeat any core courses.

Each institution selects the specific courses it will offer to fulfill that framework of coursework listed below.  Therefore, it is recommended that you check with the schools of your choice prior to enrolling.

· Communication (6 SCH)

· Mathematics (3 SCH)

· Life and Physical Sciences (6 SCH)

· Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 SCH)

· Creative Arts (3 SCH)

· American History (6 SCH)

· Government/Political Science (6 SCH)

· Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 SCH)

· The Component Area Option (6 SCH)

Some excellent specific concurrent course options include:

  • General Psychology PSYC 2301
  • Intro to Sociology SOCI 1301
  • Speech SPCH 1311
  • Art Appreciation 1301
  • Music Appreciation 1306
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