DUKE TIP 7th grade

7th grade students that ranked in the 95th percentile or higher nationally on subsections of standardized achievement tests taken in their 6th grade year, qualified for the 7th grade Duke University Talent Identification Program. They receive a letter invitation in the fall of their 7th grade year and have the opportunity to join Duke and take the SAT or ACT in December or January of the same school year. 

I you chose to join, you will remain a member from that point until high school graduation.

For more info call 919-668-9100 or go to www.tip.duke.edu

Helpful Hints & Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to join the Duke TIP 7th grade program gives students a chance to experience the SAT or ACT early.  The Duke TIP information specifically states that they do not recommend excessive prep for these young students.  Review of the prep guide booklet provided should be adequate and prove helpful in alleviating concerns, misconceptions and possible anxiety.

The cost of Duke TIP registration includes registration for one SAT or one ACT testing administration. 

Which test should I choose?  Most 7th grade Duke TIP students take the SAT.  The SAT is a "reasoning test"; designed to measure a student’s critical thinking skills and ability to problem solve in three sections reading, writing and math.  The ACT is an achievement test that is designed to measure current level of knowledge in four areas; reading, grammar, math, science etc.

Taking these tests in 7th grade is “low stakes”.  These scores do not go on their permanent SAT/ACT score list.  They remain with Duke TIP and are purely for the enrichment, experience and information of the students and his/her family.

For more info call 919-668-9100 or go to www.tip.duke.edu

DUKE TIP 4th-6th grade
Students that score in the 95th percentile or higher nationally on sub-tests of standardized achievement test taken their 3rd, 4th or 5th grade year qualify for the Duke Talent Identification Program.  These students will receive an invitation to join the Duke TIP program, which will provide information on additional educational programs as well as the opportunity to take an above level test the following school year (the 8th grade EXPLORE test). 
If you chose to join, you will remain a member until your 7th grade year when you must re-qualify for the next level of Duke TIP - the 7th grade Duke.  For more info go to www.tip.duke.edu or call 919-668-9100.

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