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General Information

Head of School/Principal

Linda Yeilding, Interim Head of School

Randy Taylor, Upper School Assistant Principal


Regina Robinson, Early Education Admissions

Shelley Burley, K-12 Admissions


Renea Sild, Receptionist

Brittany Johnson, Receptionist

Debbie Bowden, Director of Finance

Kathy Howard, Guidance Counselor

Ila Rigdon, IT Coordinator

Simon Keizer, Campus Pastor

DD Pappas, Learning Differences Coordinator

Early Education

Regina Robinson, Early Education Administrator/Admissions

Valerie Tarpley, Early Ed Three Teacher

Regina Robinson, Early Ed Three Teacher

Jennifer Brockelman, Early Ed Four Teacher

Heather Keizer, Early Ed Four Teacher

Tammy Griffin, Early Ed Gift Year Teacher

Nettie Bumgarner, Teacher Aide

Karen Langford, Teacher Aide

Jamie Greene, Teacher Aide

Melissa Kelley, Teacher Aide


Allyson Russell, Kindergarten

Tammy Griffin, Kindergarten

Vicky Whitson, Kindergarten Aide

Lisa Langord, First Grade

Mandy Barker, First Grade

Ivy Graves, Second Grade

Twila Thomas, Third Grade

Kathy Lindsey, Third Grade

Julie Ingram, Fourth Grade

Rhonda Johnson, Fifth Grade

Kari Damon, Computer

Janice Delano, Library

Janann Powers-Hefner, Music

Debbie Wade, Art

Briza Cano, Spanish

Julie Bayne, Physical Education

Sabrena Keathly, Prime Time

Middle School

Bob Strauch, History

Elizabeth Meeks, Math, Language, Girls Bible

Nate Langenbahn, Math

Melinda Jackson, Science, Bible

Cheryl Gary, History, Math

Sandy Keller, Language

Chris Reed, Bible

Matt Townsend, Bible

Mitsuko Lee, Spanish

Kari Damon, Technology

Debbie Wade, Art

Janann Powers-Hefner, Music

Joey Reason, Physical Education


High School

Courtney Bryson, Science

Randy Taylor, Science, Bible

Rachel Williams, English

Matt Townsend, English

Megan Campbell, Math

Nate Langenbahn, Math

Tim Arrington, History, Theatre

Bob Strauch, History, Bible

David Murphy, Bible

Jase Hammock, Spanish, Bible

Kristin Sandlin, Home Economics, Personal Growth and Development

Ila Rigdon, Technology

Debbie Wade, Art

Jenna Toland, Bible, Worship Team

Athletic Department

Mark Ellison, Athletic Director, JV/V Girls Basketball

Ashley Chaffin, Assistant Athletic Director, MS Volleyball, MS Girls Basketball, Varsity Softball

Nate Langenbahn, JV/V Mens Basketball

Joey Reason, Track

Matt Townsend, MS/JV Mens Basketball

Tim Arrington, Baseball

Theresa Barnett, Volleyball

Simon Keizer, Soccer

Courtney Bryson, Varsity Cheer Coach

Breanne Mast, Middle School Cheer Coach

Support Staff

David Henderson, Facilities Manager

Tatiana Nabors, Cafeteria Manager



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